6 May 2021

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As a diplomat, Life and Health Care in Copenhagen are important to understand.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, in the north of Europe and part of the Scandinavian area.

Copenhagen is not a big city but developped with modern infrastrucutre, institutions and international organisations. This is a great city to go and live. Copenhagen is frequently ranked on the « Best City Top 10 » in quality of Living survey.

In addition, by moving there, you will be entitled to several professional opportunities and international connections. The biggest newspaper is « Politiken » and you have to stay informed about the Royal family !

Despite Danish speak english (officially Danish is the official language), meeting people and making friends isn’t easy in Denmark. Because Danish people are reserved and take time to get to know.

Danish people are open to other cultures and are nice once you become close with them. But the process of becoming close with them might be quite long and tough.

Another characteristic in Copenhagen, is the cost of living. It is is much higher than most countries in Europe. Copenhagen is a small capital compared to others europeans cities, with less variety of everything and quiet in the evening (shops closed at 5.00 pm). Family life is very important and the healthy lifestyle is fantastic. People like walking and biking for their daily life, despite the cold winter !

Health Care in Copenhagen

The Danish Health Care system is well developped, efficient but not cheap.

If you are entitled to residence in Denmark, and have a CPR number, you do not need private health insurance. You can rely on the public health sector to cover all your medical treatment and costs (emergency and non-emergency).

However, you may find yourself on a waiting list for elective procedures or having to pay dentist appointments or other specialties entirely out-of-pocket. If you want insurance coverage for those situations, taking out private health insurance may be a good idea.

Since the private sector is not affected by waiting lists, seeing private doctors or specialists typically means a faster diagnosis and treatment.

The Danish health system is divided into two sectors: primary and secondary care. Citizens generally use primary care in which everyone is assigned a GP, the first contact in most circumstances, and free help. Secondary care covers specialist treatment and hospital care.

The majority of Danish hospitals are publicly administered (by the counties) and treatment is free of charge if you are resident in Denmark. You can get help from an interpreter at the hospital, if the doctor considers it necessary.

Please, you will find more details on : https://international.kk.dk/indhold/healthcare-1

Of course, You are free to choose the hospital you want to be admitted to. In most cases hospitalization only requires a referral from one of the doctor’s waiting lists, depending on the hospital and the type of treatment you need. You can also opt to be admitted to a private hospital or clinic. However, this may be a matter that you will have to pay for your own treatment. Some private insurance companies reimburse treatment in private hospitals, such as Embacity’s medical plan.

Major Hospitals in Copenhagen


Amager Hospital

Bispebjerg Hospital

Klinik For Hudsygdomme


 Pharmacies open 24h/24

Good to know when you don’t know the city yet :

Steno Apotek , Vesterbrogade 6C, Copenhagen V
København Sønderbro Apotek, Amagerbrogade 158, Copenhagen S, de 6:00 à 24:00
Lyngby Svane Apotek, Lyngby Hovedgade, 27 -Lyngby, de 6:00 à 24:00
Glostrup Apotek, Hovedvejen 101, 2600 Glostrup, 6:00 à 24:00 under conditions

In Copenhagen and in Denmark globally, Health care system is efficient : Public hospitals are well equipped with a high skilled staff. However, costs are very high when you have not your CPR number.

This is why, as a diplomat, a private health insurance (1st euro cover) is necessary to protect your health and your family in Copenhagen.

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