Who we are

Embacity is an independant broker, specialised in international healthcare plan, life cover and benefits program, in partnership with major insurers such as Allianz Worldwide Care, Chubb, International SOS

How long has Embacity been providing insurance to DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATIONS ?
Embacity is a new venture of the Ambrellia group specialized insurance expert dealing with complex needs of Non Governmental organisations & diplomatic staff. The main mandate of the company is to search and deliver the best protection plans for people working in these structures.

Embacity focuses on individual and small to medium sized DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATIONS, how is it different to what is already available?
Embacity has not the pretention to change the world and organisations of well established nations who has the expertise and structure to purchase volumes and procure systematically. Embacity delivers international service and advice to mid & small representations worldwide who need to enhance the protection of their own cover or the one of their staff, professionalise their purchases to make it a long term engagement in line with good governance rules, and make sure the solution is fair priced and resilient.

What is Embacity strategy and plan for DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATIONS going forward?
Embacity has shown its ability to deal with specialized organizations. Our conviction, is that diplomatic representations should not enjoy the solutions that were developed in the 21st century. Through technology, community driven positioning, Embacity has started to partner with a worldwide network of individuals willing to change the paradigms in this industry. Organizations are being reinvented, and we have the ambition to bring protection solutions to a what we believe is a key constituent of global stability on our planet. We have long standing partners, the trust of key stakeholders to grow this ambition.
We naturally look for more sponsors and mentors.