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The diplomatic plans were created to suit your needs of consulates, embassies and attache offices. In partnership with the leading insurers, we build the best of customer care and robustness in the instance industry (rated A+ superior by At.M Best).
Based on decades of experience with representations on the five continents, we bring you the solution that allies long term commitment and service.

Portable health protection for you and your family

By nature, your life style will bring you to a variety of places and expose you and your partner, and family to travel, relocate. The Embacity commitment is to provide you with stability and portability of your insurance cover, as this contract will follow your needs wherever your next residence will be.

What is cover made off?

The cover is a menu type which can be created depending on your profile, needs and budget. As you are, the products are “well travelled” to make sure you can relate to it. Hospitalisation, ambulatory, dental and vision benefits are packaged to make it simple to define your plan.
Laser eye surgery or infertility benefits are now expectations of our client base, and included as standard benefits. We are in the 21st century, aren’t we?

Technology and security driven solution

What does this mean to you? Have a look to MyHealth app (Click here) You claim in 5 clicks, log your bills, and get your reimbursement done in 48 hours.
You access our security assistance hotline, push mails and alerts on security where you and your beloved ones are.

International service for you, here and there

Wherever your location, or country of treatment, Embacity will bring you service. Multi currency claims, middle of the night assistance, evacuation and repatriation in emergency, is delivered following standards of what the leading insurance companies can deliver.

Cashless hospital costs

Within the best in class hospitals you will be taken care of with the best support you can hope for. Hospitalisation often means significant costs; our objective is that you focus on your rehabilitation and your condition. We take care of the procedures and administration elements.

Getting the basics right: good and fast reimbursement of your claims

At the end of the day, what you need is a service you can access, and have your reimbursement done fast and well.

Enjoy services and privileges

As from the start of your cover, we will have your personal access to our counselling line (in person, telephone, video, chat). Legal and financial service can be provided too. Wellness website access, to support your life style needs and requirements.

Can I choose my health plan?

We have created 2 levels of Core Plan for your staff : Supreme and Select.
In addition, you can select optional modules such as: Outpatient (100% or 90% or 80% of refund); Dental, International Evacuation and Repatriation which enables you the flexibility to create a health insurance plan that suits your staff’s needs.
Employee Assistance Programme and Security Support Service are automatically included in both Core Plan.
We propose 2 options in relation to geographical cover: Worldwide and Worldwide excluding the USA.

What about the budget ?

Reasonable ! with a good ratio premiums/quality of benefits. See few examples

The right solution for
your organisation

superior service

We remove the hassle out of seeking tratement with assistance readily available through a number of high quality services

dedicated teams

Our dedicated teams value the relationaships with you, and they provide comprehensive support with the enrolement of your organisation and throughtout the year

peace of mind

We provide a comprehensive set of benefits at affordable rates

global precence

Should your work necessitate travelling to other countries, your healthcare cover travels with you and keeps you covered

The right solution for
your employees

direct settlement

Is available for in-patient tratement at agreed hospitals

Fully completed medical claims are processed within 48 hours

Our innovative Mobile Application makes submitting claims fast and easy – no forms are required!

Our 24/7 multilingual Helpline is just a phone call away

Your employes will have access to the 24/7 MediLine medical advice service

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