11 November 2017

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Health insurance contracts for diplomats are enriched with complementary tools and services, accessible via smartphone applications.

Insurance contracts for diplomats now go beyond the logic of reimbursement of health expenses only. It includes innovative digital tools and services that are very practical and useful when employees live abroad.

Download an application
These new digital tools, multilingual, are accessible via free download applications on a smartphone. They are used securely and confidentially at any time of the day, wherever you are, anywhere in the world, using a personal account that simply requires an ID and a password.

Access your personal documents
Thanks to these applications, policyholders can access their administrative documents at any time in a digital format: insurance certificate, guarantee table, affiliation card … they do not need to keep their paper documents on them anymore

Find a hospital
Apps use geolocation technology to help policyholders find the closest hospital or medical center to where they are, and know where to get to, regardless of the region of the world where they live or move.

Submit your medical invoice
The insured can also apply for reimbursement at any time by simply taking a picture of the medical bill and transmitting it via his application. This service saves the insured the use of scanners and e-mails and precious time.

Translate medical terms
The applications provide a translator of medical terms in 17 languages, and even a pharmaceutical aid that allows you to request a drug by simply identifying the molecule needed for care. For example, Mr. Smith needs to get Ventolin for his asthma, but he does not know the name of the drug sold in China: the application tells him the molecule and his name in Chinese so that he may request the corresponding drug from a local pharmacist.

Check for symptoms
The insured can also check symptoms, anonymously, using an online health questionnaire, which informs in fine on the urgency or not to consult a doctor, according to the nature of its ills but also depending on the region where it is located. The tool does not replace the advice of a doctor, but it can quickly assess a potential risk.

Consult a doctor from a distance
More importantly, telemedicine is offered in some insurance contracts. It allows the expatriate employee, especially in an isolated region, to benefit, at any time of the day or the night, from a video interview with a doctor, via a secure platform. An effective way to benefit from a quick and safe diagnosis.

To be well accompanied
All these innovative tools allow embassies to offer their staff, more than an insurance, a real support to care. EMBACITY advises and insures Embassies and Consulates to protect their teams posted abroad, around the world. It offers its customers these services allowing staff to go on a mission abroad with peace of mind. These tools are accessible within collective contracts from 10 insured.

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