Portable solution ?

Your assignements are by nature bringing you to new places regularly. Embacity will secure the transfer of your cover wherever your next residence will be.

Is Eye laser surgery covered ?

At 40 you deserve to get rid of your glasses and lenses! This is covered by the Embacity package.

How does technology help me?

In just 5 clics your claim will be completed, reimbursement follows in 36 hours. Download the mobile application free of charge.

What does this money buys you?

Relying on strong insurance brands such as Allianz, ISOS gives you peace of mind and security. You are safely covered.
Be safe, be informed : the security tracker helps you to be warned in real time, to be informed about risks through our mobile app.

What is the repatriation cover ?

In case of necessity, the best team of experts from the leading assistance teams will be monitoring your case, whatever the country you are. This is our commitment.

More details ?

Give us a call or Please send your question at info@embacity.org
You will have clear answers in due time.

Budget wise ? A snap shot on what our clients experience

Family Heikkinen, left the ministry of in Helsinki in 2015. Jenni and Elias just expanded their family and wanted to make sure the young Milo would enjoy all the required care for its young age infancy preventive protocoles in force back home. They could secure this through Embacity quality cover for just over 410 euros a month for the 3 off them.

Neta Adichie has recently been posted as the attache of her country in Geneva to the World Trade Organisation and UN. Neta wanted to make sure she would be able to contract with security a contract she could bring with her after this short term mission. Embacity provided advice and guidance, and helped her to enroll in the Allianz program, for a budget of 200 Usd a month. This looks like a good deal when you know the cost of living in the beautiful city.

The 3 teenagers of the family Da Silva were first overwhelmed by the new position of their Mum at the consulate in New York. The relocation after just 24 months assignment in Asia brings the family closer to home. For a family of four, finding a place within budget has been the challenge of the past weeks. On the other front the health insurance powered by Allianz has enabled to carry out the orthodontics needed and this for just less than 800 USd a month.

Multiple employees : 1 single employee and 2 families in Madrid with an average adult age of 44 years old will be paying 11,916 euros per year.
3 single employees, 2 couples and 5 families in Cairo with an average age of 39 years old, will be paying 40,772 USD.