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Healthcare System in Belgium

5 mars 2019

Diplomats moving to Belgium can rest assured that the country boasts excellent healthcare facilities. Belgium is well known for its national health system and was ranked 8th on the Euro Health Consumer Index in 2017. The Belgium healthcare system was noted for having among the best accessibility and fastest access to healthcare... View Article

Healthcare System in London

5 septembre 2018

As diplomat, you are moving to London in your new position. Among your preparation to live in this city, we want to help you to understand the Healthcare system in London, the difference between public and private healthcare, how to access them and the best hospitals in Central London.  ... View Article

Famous Diplomat : Shirley Temple

5 septembre 2018

In this rubric, we speak about the most famous diplomat in the world. They did something remarkable during their lifetime thanks to their vision, courage or sacrifice. Today, we are speaking about Mrs Shirley Temple Black, borned in April 23, 1928 and died on February 10, 2014. She was an... View Article